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Gateway Thrift and Upcycle

An entrepreneur is any person or group focused on developing a business. The Entrepreneur Skills Network (ESN) is an educational nonprofit organization that encourages people to develop their entrepreneur skills. As a nonprofit organization, ESN accepts donated items available for sale at its Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store in the Gateway Flea Market on U S Highway 74/441 near the Cherokee exit.

Some donated items need reconditioning or they can be made into an entirely new product. This is called 'upcycling'.

Persons interested in learning entrepreneur skills and how to upcycle items donated to ESN can contact the Director, Cathy Gibson at 828-497-0160. Below is more information with pictures of donated items to the Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store.

Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store

The Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store has items for resale donated to Entrepreneur Skills Network to fund its entrepreneur programs. The Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store is located in the Gateway Flea and International Market on U S Highway 74/441 in Whittier, NC near the Cherokee exit.

Call 828-497-0160 or email cathy@esn-home.org for information about donating goods to the Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store. Donated items are tax-deductible for income tax purposes.

The pictures below for each section of the Gateway Thrift and Upcycle Store are accurate only at the time the picture was taken. There is a constant turnover of goods sold.

Appliances image


Many of the items donated are small appliances. Occasionally some larger appliances are also donated.


Many books are donated when a family moves out of town or a family member passes away. This provides an opportunity for others to buy books at a reduced price. A rare edition might also pop up.

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women's boutique items image


The Boutique displays items more suited to the feminine side of life. Jewelry, ear rings, necklaces, clothing are the most common items. A vanity, mirrors, or a music box might find its way here.


It is often said that one person's trash is another person's treasure. Avon bottles, carved figurines or animals, pottery, paintings, dolls, and more can be found here.

collectibles image
furniture image


From time to time, donated items include antique furnishings, desks, chairs, sofas, cabinets and more.


The kids section has many articles of clothing, games, and other things of interest to youngsters.

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men's items image


There are many items available for the masculine side of the population. Pants, shirts, belts, shoes, tools and more keep flowing through.


Board games, soldiers, dolls, sports equipment can also be found at the Resale Store.

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Week-ends are the busiest time of the week at the Gateway International Market. The ESN MALL Resale Store has tents with tables available for merchants who want to display their wares for sale on week-ends.

Contact Cathy Gibson at
828-497-0160 or by email to cathy@advocatesforexcellence.org for more information and fees for the Week-End Stalls.

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